2023 Partnering Organizations


CISCRP offers a portfolio of services to support patient engagement, clinical research education, and clinical trial participation for study volunteers, clinical research stakeholders, and sponsor organizations. As an independent, neutral, nonprofit organization dedicated to patient outreach and education, CISCRP is uniquely positioned to assist with a variety of activities including developing plain language study specific documents and clinical trial summaries, organizing and running patient & care partner advisory boards, conducting research to better understand public perceptions about research, and hosting community engagement events.

For more information, visit CISCRP or contact Lindsey Elliott at lelliott@ciscrp.org

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ClinEco is a web-based platform and community that connects all the stakeholders of decentralized, hybrid and conventional clinical trials. The ClinEco platform and B2B marketplace enables accelerated identification of high-value providers and partners. Uncover innovative and emerging companies to expand your clinical trial capabilities.

We are onboarding leaders in clinical research to:
Explore the Ecosystem. Engage Partners. Exchange Capabilities.
Join the B2B community today at clineco.io or email sramirez@clineco.io to schedule an onboarding session.

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Greater Gift's mission is to increase awareness of clinical research as a care option, build trust through gratitude and celebration for everyone involved in clinical research, and pay forward the gift of health created by the participants and all clinical research contributors. Greater Gift empowers minority students through donation-funded scholarships, fostering a diverse clinical research workforce and enabling students to pursue their dreams.

What We Do
We collaborate with our program partners in the clinical research, healthcare, and medical technology industries to: donate meals and vaccines to children in need around the world through Feeding America and Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance; provide tuition-based scholarship awards for diverse and minority students interested in or currently pursuing careers in clinical research or health sciences; sponsor a community event to raise awareness about clinical research as a healthcare option and build trust among historical diverse and minority populations.

Why We Do It
We are working to improve community health by increasing access to clinical research and alternative care choices. People of various races, ethnicities, and origins must be included in clinical trials in an equal manner for medical discoveries to progress.

Become a Greater Gift Partner.
To learn more about Greater Gift’s Program Partnership Opportunities, visit www.greatergift.org or email jchambers@greatergift.org

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The Pistoia Alliance is a global, not-for-profit alliance that advocates for greater collaboration in life sciences R&D. Our mission is to lower the barriers to innovation through pre-competitive collaboration. We bring together stakeholders from industry, academia, and government and have more than 200 member companies working together on our projects and in our specialist communities using our proven framework for open innovation to transform R&D, advance science and generate better outcomes for all.

To find out more about becoming a member of the Pistoia Alliance visit

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Sustainable Healthcare Coalition: Informing and inspiring global health systems to make the transition to sustainability.

The Sustainable Healthcare Coalition is a partnership of healthcare organisations that looks for the greatest opportunities to accelerate sustainable healthcare across the public and private sectors. Action orientated; the partnership focuses on solving practical problems learning through open-minded collaboration by evaluating impact to understand what is good for business, healthcare organisations, the environment, health, and our common future.

Focusing on key obstacles and opportunities, the partnership shares data and insights and develops best-practice guidance and tools for use in healthcare systems and their supply chain partners, including the world’s-first GHG life cycle assessment guidance on how to measure the carbon footprint of pharmaceuticals and medical devices; a care pathways assessment methodology , and currently under development a standardised framework and accompanying eco-design tool to assess the impact of clinical trials.

For further information visit: https://shcoalition.org or contact info@shcoalition.org