April 2022 • Archived Content

Interactive Discussions

Interactive Discussions are informal, moderated discussions, allowing participants to exchange ideas and experiences and develop future collaborations around a focused topic. Each discussion will be led by facilitators who keep the discussion on track and the group engaged. To get the most out of this format, please come prepared to share examples from your work, be a part of a collective, problem-solving session, and participate in active idea sharing.


TABLE: Rehumanizing the Clinical Trial Experience: Understanding Patient Preference and Engagement to Ensure Greater Trial Diversity and Participation

  • Why does our industry need to listen deeper to patients, with empathy, to understand their behaviours and preferences, and how can this create more representative trials ultimately leading to accelerated performance?
  • As clinical trials are in the business of people, how can we rethink the use of data, technology, social science, and novel approaches to design truly patient-centered trials?
  • How can linguistics, behavioural science, and technology be applied to drive trial literacy, education, patient empowerment, and deliver health equity?
  • Where and why do solutions and technologies still fall short in making an impact for patients?

TABLE: Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials

  • AI applications in clinical data management 
  • Advanced analytics and AI capabilities driving quality compliance 
  • Machine learning techniques that are in production in various organizations that are adding value and accelerating clinical development 
  • How to pick an AI/ML use case and move it from idea to implementation quickly​​